Where were you born? How long have you lived in North Somerset/Bristol area?

Husband and wife team (Bob and Carol) behind Citiviews are Bristol based with their independent photography business. Both with celtic roots (Ireland and Scotland) Bristol is now home and it and its surrounding towns and countryside provide constant inspiration for our range of photography – the wonderful harboursides; remarkable maritime history of the South West, city architectures; nature; graffiti and people. Using our cameras we try to capture the essence of life through our photographs.

Were you ‘crafty’ as a child? Can you tell us about something you made? Do you still have it?

Neither of us were crafty as children – not in the traditional sense although Bob always carried a camera.   I tried my hands at many things – sewing, stitch art, jewellery making – all as hobbies and to be honest not very good at any of them! In fact I’m sure I still have a bead necklace that I made and wore proudly on many occasions!

Do you have any formal training in your craft?

Bob has completed a number photography courses and is a member of Bristol Photographic Society. My background is marketing so those skills have helped me with promoting and developing our business.

Tell us about your studio/office/workroom? Is it clean and tidy or a bit of a mess and muddle?

We work from home – sometimes it can be chaotic especially when I am getting our stock ready for a market or to supply retail outlets like The Blue Room. The kitchen table can be full of prints ready to be framed, stock ready to be packaged etc. Bob focuses on the photography and post production side. Reflections and light feature throughout many of our images – harnessing the elements of water, light and colour to deliver a different perspective and he uses different types of software to help him get the final look he is after.

Do you prefer to work in silence? With music? The TV?

It really depends on what we are working on. We do tend to have music playing – at the moment we are both listening to Americana music and use Spotify to find new artists or playlists!

Is there another craft/art that you’d like to have a go at?

To be honest we love what we do. Our name “Citiviews” gives us an opportunity to develop our business into other cities and that’s what we would like to focus on for the future. However I’m keeping a keen eye on the variety of workshops that The Blue Room hold as they offer a great way to dip your toe in the water of something new and experience other arts and crafts.

What other jobs do you have/have you had?

Chambermaid, bar work, financial services, marketing consultant, shop assistant…. the list could go on ……

Can you tell us your favourite Artist (in any medium)

We both love the art of Cyril Croucher – his paintings play with height and distance and bring harbours and buildings into different perspectives. We enjoy the sense of space in them.   One day we will own one!