So Adrienne, it’s September and in your old life you would have been ‘back to school’. How does that feel?
Well I can’t deny it’s strange and certainly took some adjusting to. I particularly miss the children and the laughter they bring but as time goes on I am making new friends in the art world and many are just as daft as the kids!

Last time we interviewed you, you mentioned that you were interested in ceramics. How’s that going?
Ah yes, I have been going potty with Bill Moore at The Walled Garden and have been learning to both throw and hand build pots. I love it and hope to get my own kiln..maybe next year I’ll be selling my ceramic creations in The Blue Room as well as my pictures!

We’ve noticed your new life as an artist seems to involve a lot of holidays! Does this help you with your art work?
After over thirty years in teaching with twenty one as a Headteacher I felt I deserved a break and so we have travelled a lot more this year. I always take my sketchbook with me and every day I post pictures of my drawings on my Instagram and Facebook pages. People have told me they love to see the sketches and they make a great aide memoire for me of the places that we’ve been to and things that we’ve seen. These will often spark ideas for other artwork.  The Christmas card designs that I’ll be selling in The Blue Room in the winter are based on some sketches that I made of the beautiful trees that we saw in Finland back in July.

What have been the highlights of your new artist life this year so far?

Helping to curate the #65 North Somerset Arts Exhibition in Nailsea was an interesting experience which will stand me in good stead for organising other exhibitions.

Sailing to Klovharun in the Finnish Archipelago, the island where Tove Jansson the artist and writer lived for thirty years, was a magical and moving experience that I’ve written about in my blog.



Selling ‘The Monarchs’ Garden’ (a very large striking canvas 1.2m x 1.5m) almost before the paint was dry was a lovely surprise. Prints and cards of this image are still available.

Helping a small group of creatives to produce feature window displays at The Blue Room over the last few months has been fun.

But I think the best thing has to be not having to get up at 5.30 every day and think about the plethora of things that need doing at school!

It sounds like you’re having an interesting time of it. What are your next plans for your art?

I’ve just finished building a new website so I need to make sure that’s all ship-shape.
I’m continuing with my pottery class this year and hope to have my own kiln up and running by Christmas.
We’ve more travels scheduled including visits to Iceland and the Isle of Harris, both of which are likely to inspire new paintings. I’ll be taking a range of camera equipment with me and I hope to learn to use the full range of settings rather than just relying on Automatic!

Next year I will be taking part in North Somerset Arts Week again and so I need to get a wiggle on to make some new work. The Blue Room needs some new products from me so I need to think up some new ideas for the shop too. Plenty to keep me out of mischief me thinks!